February 16, 2014


To create new horizons AnoukB is part of a stylism event in France THURSDAY 3rd and FRIDAY 4th, APRIL 2014!

Lau Dejente, founder and creative director of concept store Maison Pernoise, and Ilaria Fatone, Art Historian, invited me to colaborate and feed the minds of co-creators with 2 stylism classes. 

For me, photo stylism is a very exciting discipline. The way information is imparted, the things you choose to put in or leave out. It's all part of this 'game' we call storytelling.

I am lucky to be working with unlimited creatives who find new stories through good looking. 

As always I am interested in the expressions of others and I am sure this is a space for all of us to unfold new horizons and my desire to establish stylism evolution is hopefully coming true.

We all have a story to tell, it's the puzzle that needs to come together to tell that story.

Photography and styling: AnoukB
Photography picture one: Marjon Hoogervorst


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