February 22, 2014


We had the pleasure to have a photoshoot at The most local Boutique Hostel in the world and it was a pleasure!

This Hostel, beautiful through simplicity, is that place where people connect in the lobby, relax, work, read a book or do nothing but drinking a Latte macchiato (or vino :-) and blablabla the day away... Located in a small, peaceful street in the centre of Haarlem, close to Amsterdam and the beach (30 minutes healthy bike tour or slow down by train) this is the place to stay. With family, for lovers or alone. Searching for pleasure? You can find it all here.

Photography: Marjon Hoogervorst
Styling: AnoukB

Note: this complete feature is for sale!
Fore more information please contact us by sending your e-mail to Anouk or Lisan at ab@anoukb.com


  1. love it !

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