January 03, 2014


Hi! I didn't have enough hands to update or inspire you here for weeks The reason? 2013 was business wise to busy to update my blog (I have worked for several fashion brands (identity, branding etc), did a lot of editorial and commercial shoots, created concepts and masterclasses etc
Sooo....I found myself an extra pair of hands!
Co-worker Lisan Timp welcome to AnoukB, we are going............! 

Because 2013 was so busy unfortunately I couldn't pay my online boutique the attention it needed and therefore, with pain in my heart, I decided to close it.

A lot of exciting new things are going on, I am more than happy with my extra pair of hands :-). 
It gives Lisan and me the opportunity to INSPIRE you a lot more in 2014!

2014 starts from the heart!

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  1. SO look forward to more amazing inspiration from you Anouk-you are brilliantly talented! Happy and very successful 2014 :-)