August 23, 2013


Behind the scenes story...

The collaboration between Dutch Fashion Brand YAYA and ANOUKB started last year.
They were looking for an outsider with critical eye and philosophy focus to help them build their brand.

After some good discussions and inspiration sessions we both noticed the click at first side and a new business relationship was there

To start the relationship we wanted to know only one thing, who they really are.

Step by step we shared ideas.

We strarted to restyle their head office. 

Focus on who they really are.

With open mind and positive teamwork, we got to know the brand.
And more important, they got to know themselves.

The definition of the brand and their future perspective was the first move into the direction of a new  

 Almost 9 months later, the new YAYA is a fact.  

Still a lot to do, we keep on focus on fine tuning but I am sure with this birth 
the start of a adult brand is born.

Thank you YAYA we love(d) to work together with you!

Photography: Marjon Hoogervorst
Identity branding, concept, design, retail and photostyling: AnoukB


  1. Mooi!!!
    Well done to Yaya for working with you and well done to you for working with them! Stunning!!

  2. Wauw! So beautiful, love the style. what a great new buiness relationship. Love it!

  3. Fantastisch om zoveel mooie cactussen te zien in de Yaya flagship store! Past feilloos in de stijl van Yaya!

  4. Suzan BavinckSeptember 06, 2013

    Hi Anouk, wat heb je dit onwijs mooi gedaan!!!
    Dat wilde ik gewoon ff kwijt :-)
    Groetjes Suzan Bavinck

  5. Wat een feestje deze winkel!
    Ik hoopt dat het niet bij Amstelveen blijft: Iedere stad kan zo'n mooi winkelconcept gebruiken. (Psssstt volgende in Den Haag???)

  6. Wat een heerlijk relaxte feel!


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