April 11, 2014



When Lau, founder of Joyeuse Clique invited me to give the first stylism masterclass at La Maison Pernoise I had one simple idea. 

Create a masterclass STYLISM which people love.

The result is a unique experience...thank you Lau, Leo, Ilaria.

Thank you talented, inspiring, participating women in bussines.
You all posted amazing positive posts about my first stylism masterclass abroad.

I have met inspiring women in all of you and each of you gave me something beautiful in return!

Because of you I do what I love with people I love.




  1. Ohhhh thanks Anouk for those sweet words... It has just began and future will keep love intense too <3
    A très vite pour la JOYEUSE CLIQUE Season 2!!
    (http://joyeuseclique.com + http://www.lamaisonpernoise.com)

  2. Wouldn't have missed it for the world!
    Good luck for your future plans, xx!

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